The Playlist | Lollipop as covered by the Treblemakers

Unpopular Opinion: Pitch Perfect 2 had a few major flaws.

One of them is that this is the only song that the Treblemakers sing:

Give me more Skylar Astin danggit!

Geez, it’s like having Jonathan Groff in your cast and only have him sing a song where he’s affecting his voice for half of the very short song you give his character. Oh wait…


But let’s focus on the so-freaking-amazing-it-will-not-leave-my-head, shall we?

So…it’s freaking amazing and it will not leave my head. Let’s ignore the choreography and the fact that some really handsome men are singing it. What do you have left? A really catchy song that sounds really good and makes you want to dance.

And isn’t that what you want from a song? (Well, not all songs, but a song. Specifically, a summer song.)

It’s just so full of energy, and the way the voices layer over one another. I’m always amazed by people who can make their voice sound like brass instruments, and that break down at the end? Yeah. It’s too good.


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