IMR | NOPE. Bad Trope. BAD.

all men of geniusUgh.


You may recall that I’ve been reading All Men of Genius, where a young woman named Violet has disguised herself as her twin brother, Ashton, in order to attend the all-male exclusive Illyria college.

Let’s set the scene, shall we? Violet is upset with the Duke (the dean of the school), because his first lecture was based on her entrance exam essay on space travel. The Duke, on the other hand, is greatly inspired by the idea, working on a model rocket. He’s also greatly confused, because he feels attracted to “Ashton” because “he” looks like his sister, whom he met when she turned in “her brother’s” application.

Violet finally confronts the Duke and learns that his speech not only took her ideas, but pointed out flaws such as her claim that combustion is unnecessary to space travel. As the two fight, you’d think it would lead to a good discussion where, by the end of it, they come to a mutual understanding and respect for the other’s intelligence. But what happens?

They kiss.


Of all the tropes in the realm of fictional works, my least favourite has to be the “slap-slap-kiss.” It’s exactly what it says: the characters fight so much that the sexual tension builds and they find themselves making out.

Excuse me?

The worst part about this trope is that when it’s bad, it’s really, really, really bad. Seriously, I was expecting Violet and the Duke to have a proper, intelligent conversation, not kissing. The two don’t really have any chemistry beyond a somewhat inappropriate physical (and may I add, lustful) attraction to one another. That’s not the basis of a relationship. That’s the basis of a one night stand.

I was hoping this conversation would have been the beginning of something serious. (Well, it is to the plot, but not the character interaction.)

In other words, slap-slap-kiss, you FAIL.

How about you, Internet? Tell me about the tropes you just can’t stand in the comments!


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