In Medias Res | That Awesome Moment When You Know Exactly What Happens…

…and then it happens.

Seriously. How awesome is it?

I recently finished Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, which is a fantastic book that if you haven’t read yet, you should go find a copy and read it, stat.

Oh, and you should probably leave because this post (like all my IMRs) is going to be loaded with spoilers.

Are they gone? Okay, good.

So, for those of you left who have read the book (or just don’t care) who else knew it was Bram? 

I really liked this book because I really wanted to know who Simon’s penpal, Blue, was. I was so skeptical—I thought it was Nick, Cal, Martin….even at a point Abby. But for each possibility, I knew there was a glaringly obvious problem with it (respectively: declared straight; Simon wanted it to be Cal so bad, it obviously wasn’t him; declared straight; female).

What really tipped me off to suspecting Bram was the perfect mark in English that he gets. And then Simon realizes that he doesn’t really know Bram. And then he thinks Bram is cute. And yeah, it makes it sound like it was blatantly obvious. But like the other suspects, there was a giant problem: Blue explicitly said he shares his first name with a US president.

I so wanted it to be Bram, so I kept going through my minimal understanding of US presidents until I figured it out.

Abraham Lincoln.

I might have jumped for joy.

And yeah, it seems kind of silly. Maybe I seem a little slow for not realizing it sooner. But that’s sort of the fun of reading a book: you get sort of lost in the emotions and your logic sort of takes a back seat.

Of course, there’s always the danger of a book being “predictable”. But the way to make this tactic work (read: the reader is cheering when they’re right, instead of groaning), is that the author has to make the predictable plot point sort inconsequential.

For example, as much as Blue is important to the story, he’s not the biggest hinge to the story. I repeat: not super important, but still significant enough to be invested in.

You can’t do this with important plot points like Voldemort killing the part of him existing in Harry Potter, or if there were exactly twelve other passengers on the Orient Express. If it’s obvious, it’s no longer fun and exciting because it’s too important to the story. It’s no longer  mystery.

But Blue is a fun guessing game for the reader, and it was tremendously satisfying when I discovered who he was.

Now what about you? Did you guess it was Bram right away? Tell me about a time you guess the ending of a book and it made you absolutely ecstatic when it happened?

5 thoughts on “In Medias Res | That Awesome Moment When You Know Exactly What Happens…”

  1. I LOVED this book! I finished it so fast! Like you, at some points I thought it was Nick or Leah, or Bram. Never thought it was Cal – too obvious; never thought it was Martin – it would just be mean to blackmail Simon if he was in fact Blue.
    Then I gave up on the first too and stuck with Bram :D. Then I thought that maybe Leah was in love with Simon and not Nick and that’s why she was so pissed… but no.
    It was just so sweet 😀

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    1. I finished it really fast too! I think I read it in under 24 hours over a weekend. Definitely agree that Cal was too obvious and Martin didn’t make sense at all. It really is an awesome book though.


  2. Exactly! I’m so glad you made this post, I literally had no one to fangirl or discuss the book with when I read it. I’m pretty dense when it comes to these things, so I, too, took a while before I guessed Blue’s identity. All the clues were there (the president thing totally threw me off and made me think it was Martin, haha) but I didn’t guess Bram until later on when his hands were described in detail in English. Then I was like oh, it must be him. XD

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  3. Let’s fangirl! The president thing completely threw me off, especially because I know next to nothing about presidents (I kept waiting for a “George” or “John”)…and then Abertalli uses one of the most famous of the presidents. (Albeit obscurely, but still.) I FAIL.


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