The Playlist | Songs I Can’t Listen To by Neon Trees

Wow I haven’t done one of these in a while. Which is really unfortunate because there’s a lot of new songs that I’ve been listening to.

I recently had a discussion about my top 10 favourite bands with my sister, and, to my surprise, Neon Trees made it’s way on the list. (Along with Young the Giant, One Republic, and Parachute among others…)

Neon Trees makes music you want to dance to, which I find really ironic in this case, because it’s a song about not being able to listen to songs because they are associated with an ex. Just listen to this one to get over it!

Okay, that’s a little too easy, and obviously that’s not going to work 100% (or any percent to be honest) but it is fun to listen to.

And I wish the music didn’t play forever
‘Cause I’m feeling like a broken record


2 thoughts on “The Playlist | Songs I Can’t Listen To by Neon Trees”

  1. Going to be honest, it took me a little longer than it should have to realize that the song’s name was actually “Songs I Can’t Listen To.” For some odd reason my mind thought you were going to make a whole list of Neon Trees songs that you couldn’t listen to *shakes head* I think my brain needs a wake up call.

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