Shuffle Stories Is Now Online!

Hey guys! My blogging has been kind of spotty these past few weeks, sorry about that. I recently had finals (6 exams in 9 days…ahhh), and I read Hunger and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl before I went into extreme study mode, so I threw those reviews together once exams were over and published them.

Some awesome updates because the semester is over and my school vacation has begun…

POOF! It ended. Or extended for another year, depending on how you look at it.

I got into my school’s co-op program, an so I’m taking a year off school to work in my field of study, biochemistry. I go back to UBC for my final year of studies in September 2016, and I start work on Monday.

And despite full time work, I am using this break from school to it’s fullest…bringing me to the title of this post.

I’ve started a new blog, Shuffle Stories, a project to get me to start writing fiction more. The general idea is that I hit shuffle on my playlist, listen to the next song, and use it as a muse for a story. All of the information can be found on the blog and you might even find a story waiting there for you. 😉

I’ve also have quite a few IMRs planned, so be ready!


3 thoughts on “Shuffle Stories Is Now Online!”

  1. My spring semester ends in a couple of days when finals are over, I’m in need of this summer break as well! But your new blog is awesome and the music as inspiration idea is clever!


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