10 Books That Should Be Adapted To Film

Book to movie adaptations are a touchy subject for any reader. Especially when it’s a beloved book that gets a terrible adaptation.



But if all books were given the same amount of dedication to detail and production quality as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings adaptations, I bet I would love it if these books were made into movies.

1. The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

leviathan-seriesPlease tell me I’m not the only one who wants to see clankers and beasties on screen. This book is an epic steampunk adventure set in WWI and I desperately want it to be translated to film.

Oh, and a CGI Bovril! All the beasties can be voiced by Dee Bradley Baker!

2. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke & BoneImagination runs wild in this trilogy and I would love to see all the fantastical chimera on the big screen. And the angels. And Zuzana.

I feel that with the right music, this adaptation could be well done. I’ve mentioned before that music in movies expresses the emotion that books do, and this trilogy is just packed with emotion.

3. Ready Player One by Ernest ClineReady_Player_One_cover

I would love to see a film interpretation of the OASIS. With the right CGI and proper parallels in casting (yes, I am referring to Aech) this could be an awesome movie. The flick sync alone would be so cool to see in film form. The legal permissions would be a big problem though. *sigh*

4. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

cinder-paperback-coverI feel like this series could easily be made into a television show. Bioterrorism and robots? Politics and fairy tale retellings? That’s like mixing Once Upon a Time with the politics of Game of Thrones with the sci-fi of Star Trek.

I want to see the wolf hybrid army. I want to see classy CGI for Cinder’s mechanic parts. I want to see the Rampion and robots and Iko and see how they represent the glamour and manipulation. I’d love it if they do that whole slow down thing they do in Sherlock and the Amazing Spiderman movies.

5. The Looking Glass Wars by Frank BeddorLooking Glass Wars

I know there are a lot of Alice and Wonderland movies and  out there. I’m a personal fan of the Syfy miniseries Alice, myself.

The Looking Glass Wars turns Alice in Wonderland into a political battle, not unlike The Lunar Chronicles. I’d love to see the crystal transport system on film. Then there’s the Millinery, the robot card soldiers, and Doppelganger.

6. Sandman by Neil Gaiman

sandmanYes. Please, turn this graphic novel into a movie. It doesn’t even have to be the whole series…just the first instalment: Preludes and Nocturnes. On its own it’s a cohesive storyline. It is absolutely beautiful and I can easily picture it as a film.

At least the poetry slam scene with the demons. I want to see that part especially.

7. The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

The Last OlympianI’m cheating here. Because I think this book should be made into a movie. That requires that the first four books make it to the big screen. Which means they’re going to need to remake those first couple movies. Perhaps with more dedication to the source material and…well that’s just it really. This series deserves a better adaptation than it got. And I demand it be done.

(Preferably in animated form: http://ilyone.tumblr.com/post/112968147353/a-few-months-ago-i-said-on-this-blog-that-in-my) (Those 30 seconds are better than the two movies combined.)

8. The Softwire Series by PJ Haarsma

the-softwire1This was one of my first sci-fi series, and I would love to see it in movie form. About a human colony travelling to the illustrious system of the Rings of Orbis, they hope find a better life in the population of mixed planetary races. But all the adults die in a plague that destroys the crew. The only occupants left are their children, now teenagers, who were released from their cryogenic storage and raised by the ship’s motherboard. Among them is Johnny Turnbull, who has the unique ability to transfer his consciousness into computers, making him the first human softwire.

I think the book would transfer well to screen, especially the QuestNest tournament that comprises book 3. That would be awesome.

9. Attachments by Rainbow Rowellattachments rainbow rowell

YES. Turn this into a romcom or so help me. (I mean, technically we have You’ve Got Mail, but I want this too.) I feel like we’ve missed the window of opportunity to make this a movie though, simply because Y2K isn’t a big deal anymore, and the internet has become a much more open space, but hey, a girl can dream.

10. Gone by Michael Grant

 Is that sadistic of me? Actually, like Cinder, I would love for Gone to be a TV show, like The 100. I have this huge fear that they’d up the age range to 16 or even 18 just so it wouldn’t be as morbid, but that would ruin it. It’d be best if they got some quality child actors. It’s a very plot driven story, so the transfer would go well.

So that’s my opinion! What books do you want (or not want) in movie form? Let me know in comments below!


8 thoughts on “10 Books That Should Be Adapted To Film”

  1. I completely agree with you on Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I need those adapted so bad! There’s been talk of it happening, but there doesn’t seem to be much action on it.


    1. I’m actually rereading the series right now, and it sort of dawned on me how much I need to SEE Karou fly. It just sounds so whimsical and free and natural the way Laini Taylor writes it. I can almost picture it….

      I really hope they make one. And make it well.

      Liked by 1 person

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