IMR | Several Short Rants About The Gone Series

…upon beginning to read the second book in the series, Hunger.

What the hell happened to continuity?

Didn’t Astrid have powers in the first book? (A really ambiguous and kind of boring star-in-the-sky kind of power but she was a two bar, right?) And what about Edilio’s crush on Lana?

So I’m pretty sure Diana is in love with Caine…

…or she wouldn’t be doing all this crap for him. Sure, she’ll tell him she’s disgusted by his lust for power and her, but I think she’s only sincere about the former. Why else would she stay by his side? Grant is suspiciously objective when he describes Caine and Diana’s interactions when it’s from Diana’s point of view. I think she’s using his feelings for her to get him to be less of a power-hungry mad man, because she wants him to be better. Sort of an Astrid to Caine’s Sam…not that any of them would appreciate the analogy…

Speaking of relationships, can we talk about Percabeth for a second?

I’m sorry, did I say Percabeth? I meant Sam and Astrid. Who are surprisingly similar to Percabeth. Dark haired super powered guy with a terrible stepfather who doesn’t want to be a hero but does it anyways because he wants to protect the ones he cares about? Plus, he likes the ocean? Blonde genius who rationalizes everything and argues with him a lot?

No, that’s not familiar at all.

That is the best train of thought I have ever read.

Sam’s thoughts while lying awake in bed is one of the best scenes written in this book, simply because it follows his frazzled thoughts so well. He worries about the food supply and taking care of everyone. Then he’s hungry. Then he wants Astrid. Then its back to food again. Being mayor. Food. Mayor. Food. Tired. Astrid. Food.

Hey, it’s called Hunger for a reason.

I see what you’re doing here…

Much like William Goulding in Lord of the Flies, there’s a lot of critique in the novels about society. There’s numerous biblical references, the exploration of natural cruelty (Drake, Caine) and natural heroism (Sam, Lana).

What I really like is the idea of the children trying to govern themselves. Sam and Astrid seem to want a system that’s fairly altruistic. Meanwhile Albert’s setting up a capitalist system. I find there’s merit to both systems, but it definitely is an interesting angle to read about.

How disturbing do you plan on being, Grant?

14-year olds with whip hands? 14-year old alcoholics? Encasing hands in cement blocks? A boy made out of gravel? A kid killing and eating someone’s pet cat?

To quote TheBookTuber (the reason I picked up the series), it was disturbing Disturbingly awesome, but still:

I feel like that video was full of spoilers for me…but it is Gone. I’m not really surprised any of what he said happened. Heck, I said most of that while reading Gone.

So those are some mini-rants about Gone. I’ll have a review up sometime next week!


6 thoughts on “IMR | Several Short Rants About The Gone Series”

  1. I’ve got to admit, I actually never got round to the last book… Weirdly, though, my friend who usually likes lighter books was totally into them and bought Light on the day of release. The disturbing half of the disturbing/awesomeness just kind of went too far for me. (And I had no idea what was going on.)
    I never noticed that about the Percabeth similarities! I see it now, though 😛


    1. I’m actually okay with all the gorey bits. So far, it’s not one of my favourite series, but it has potential to be. Six books is rather long for a series though.

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  2. So I pretty much wasn’t able to read your review since I haven’t read this series yet. I tried reading Gone years and years ago, but found it slow to begin so I never finished it (I think I was 100 pages in). Should I pick it up and read it though? (That video though!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a real mixed bag for me. I’m going to post a formal review next week, because my thoughts are still scrambled. I am reading the sequel because the book ended in such a way that begged for more. I think I’ll know for sure after Hunger if I want to finish the series.

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