The Playlist | The Batman Argument Songified

I…I may need help.

I have been playing this every single day since it came out. Multiple times.

(dance move)

I mean, how fortuitous that their arguments rhyme so that this song exists?

Plus, it’s just plain catchy.

(4 dancing Hanks)

It doesn’t help that I found infinite looper, a site that will loop a video for you automatically. So I can listen to it on repeat until infinity as I work on my papers.

It was actually helpful…the song on repeat for so long sort of put me in a tunnel-vision-esque haze where this song was just background noise. Almost white noise.

(But really only click on that link if you have the self control to click “x” later.)

(4 dancing Johns)

I suppose the next question is, which side in the epic Batman debate do I take?

And if I have to be honest: I’m going to have to side with John.

(Echo from space)

While I like superheroes as much as the next person (well, maybe not the next person on tumblr…) I never really had a favourite superhero. And it’s not even that the superheroes are unappealing, it’s because I don’t think the divide of good and evil is so clear cut.

(Intense Dancing)

I do understand Hank’s side though. Superheroes are appealing because they have superpowers to save the world, but at the same time are human beings. We are scared of responsibility like Spiderman, we all want to do what’s right, though we might not be going about it the right way like Batman.

And like Superman…okay, well how can you compare a perfect alien being with humans?


Batman is probably my least favourite because his superpower is…money. Not intelligence like Peter Parker or Tony Stark. Not the ability to create like Green Lantern. Not confidence and duty of Captain America. Not the random mutation of X-Men. Not even the deus ex machina of Superman or (quite literally) Thor.

And if money is your superpower, isn’t the real solution to donate that money rather than buying a bunch of cool stuff for yourself? Why doesn’t Batman just pull a Bill Gates?

(16 dancing Hanks)

But let me know: are you for or against Batman? Who’s your favourite superhero? Why do you like them?

Extra points if you get the parentheses in this post.

(Dance Battle)


2 thoughts on “The Playlist | The Batman Argument Songified”

  1. If only I had had this song to listen to while was taking my Graphic Novels class at university. As for the Batman debate itself, I see both sides of the argument. While I understand Batman’s intentions are aimed at bettering the world, how effective is beating criminals up and throwing them in jail, really? I guess it depends on what version of Batman we are discussing. I, myself, am only familiar with a few, but it seems certain depictions do explore that gray area of good and evil and give new depth to the character. With 75 years of Batman though, it is hard to know every story and version out there!


    1. I’m not familiar with much Batman either, there’s so much out there though. Maybe there exists a version where he’s more fleshed out as an (anti-)hero.


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