10 Things I Can’t Wait To See In The Paper Towns Movie

With the release of the Paper Towns trailer, I started thinking about which scenes from the book I most anticipate being adapted to movie form. There are some promising hints in the trailer already, but I really can’t wait to see these.

If it wasn’t obvious, this is going to rampant with spoilers, so be warned!

1. Black Santas

This is an obvious one. Who doesn’t want to see the house of black Santas? I mean, I might have nightmares about it if I have to look at them long enough. (Seriously, how has Radar not gone insane yet?)

2. The Beer Sword

There are two notable scenes in which Ben serves as comedic relief. One of them is the beer sword. And I want to see it. If only because it is a beer sword.

3. The SunTrust Building

Of all the things Margo and Q do in their all-nighter, I think the SunTrust building is my favourite part. (Yes, even more than breaking into SeaWorld.) I like this scene so much because this is where “real Margo” starts to show herself, and Q can’t see it because he’s so enthralled with her. The differences between the two of them are very striking in this scene.

4. “I have to pee.”

To add to the list of sentences I never believed I would have to type: I cannot wait to watch a scene in which a teenage boy panics in a minivan and is forced to pee into an empty beer bottle.

This is the other Ben-comic-relief scene I was talking about. Something about this scene—the juxtaposition with the seriousness of the one before it, the sheer awkwardness of the situation, just plain Ben being an immature idiot—makes it one of my favourites in the novel.


There’s a certain amount of terror in this scene, and its key for the novel in two ways. (1) It’s the title. (2) The way Q interprets the message is very different from what Margo intended, and that’s so much more indicative of what the story is about. Q thinks that she’d do some strange trick of the light thing so he’d have to be clever to find the message. Margo wanted to hide it permanently.

6. “You wanna hang out in the bathtub?”

Q is uncomfortable at a party where everyone is out of their mind drunk when he finds Lacey hiding in the bathroom. What follows is a rather sincere conversation, despite Lacey’s rather intoxicated state.

7. The Cars

From RHAPAW to the minivan, I want to see these cars. I want to see RHAPAW running on hope and blasting the Mountain Goats as the boys go to the abandoned strip mall. I want to see the Dreidel, or as Q puts it, the “wretched beast of high ceilings and few horsepower.”

8. The Burial

Those who have finished the book know what scene I’m talking about. This part of the book just holds so much meaning and shows the growth of these characters.

9. The Synchronized BP Stop

…Plus the aftermath. I loved this scene in the book, simply because the nature of it is organized chaos. The aftermath is particularly funny, with crackers not being the fourth food group and Radar wearing a racist shirt over his graduation gown.

10. The Great White Wall of Cow

The Great White Wall of Cow means a lot in the story. Superficially, I just want to see how they film this scene because there’s a lot that goes on before, during, and after.

What scenes do you want to see in the Paper Towns movie? Let me know in comments!


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