10 Reasons to Watch Starkid’s The Trail to Oregon

Starkid, the theatre company behind the Very Potter Musical Trilogy and Twisted parody musicals came recently released The Trail to Oregon, another parody musical based on the interactive game, Oregon Trail.

I absolutely love this production. The quality, the music, the story, it’s absolutely amazing. Don’t believe me? Well here’s ten reasons why you should watch it.


1. It’s a great adaptation of an interactive game.

I really like the audience participation in the show. The audience chooses the character names, what the father’s profession is, and the ending. It makes each showing unique, and adds additional jokes when people are named things like, “Slippery When Wet.” Apparently, there was a showing where the daughter was named “Dad.”


2. It depicts family interactions accurately.

What struck me about the character interaction is how true it is to real life. The mom and daughter fight about what’s best for her. The grandfather nags his son-in-law. The son admires his father blindly. The parents argue. It’s relatable, making the audience sympathetic to the characters even more.


3. The music is fantastic.

Like all of Starkid’s music, The Trail to Oregon is full of some really great music. It’s all catchy, it’s all fun to listen to. My favourite song has to be “World at Stake”, but I don’t dislike any of the songs. Not even the creepy sounding “Dysentery World” turned me away.


4. Joey freakin’ Richter 

I missed the original cast of Starkid, and the return of Joey Richter in this production is more than enough to get me watching. He’s improved so much since AVPM, and he plays almost every other character in the story. Not only does that take talent, but a whole lot of stamina and I absolutely applaud him for it.


5. The production quality

Something about Starkid, no matter how professional and cleaned up their plays are, will always have this quality of homemade that I love about them.


6. Jeff freakin’ Blim

Let’s start with the fact that Jeff is the lead, his acting skills akin to Jim Carrey. Then let’s add that he came up with the idea himself and wrote the play with the help of the Lang brothers. And then wrote the music with the help of TalkFine. I am impressed and amazed.


7. Lauren freakin’ Lopez

Lauren Lopez just knows how to play a naive young boy so well. I love the son character for his naïveté and innocence, and Lauren just performs it so well.


8. Rachael freakin’ Soglin

I liked Rachael as Jasmine in Twisted, but her performance in The Trail to Oregon completely blows her Jasmine performance out of the water. Playing the sensible mother, she puts so much passion into the role.

tumblr_njzbeho2zs1szn7heo10_r1_4009. The running jokes

The chicken and the lobster are only the beginning. There’s dysentery, God, skinny dipping, and my favourite, the fake dying joke. Which leads to the last point…

tumblr_nk20xkUpC61sjljtgo1_40010. The alternate endings. 

There are five possible endings to the story, and while my favourite is the Daughter’s ending (because of it’s running joke), each has it’s own charm. The audience would vote on the ending prior to the show, and the winner is what is performed. All five endings are on YouTube to watch though.

And that’s it! Did you watch Trail to Oregon? What did you think?


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