Updates After A Week Of Silence…(and my blog is still a teenager)

Hey! So I haven’t blogged for a week…

Believe me, I really, really, really wanted to. I’ve got a bunch of Dubliners posts that I’ve been meaning to write and I finished reading my favourite John Green book (Paper Towns), so I’ve been dreaming up a variety of IMR posts that I could write but haven’t.

This also means there’s no Playlist post this week.

The reasoning for the lack of posts is because this has been the most stressful week this year. (Granted, its fairly early in 2015, but at the same time, that just justifies my claim further since there’s less comparison.)

Definition of a stressful week: two midterms, two quizzes, two assignments, a presentation, numerous job applications, and a last-minute interview to boot. That last one was particularly stressful…I got very little preparation time, and no mock interview practice, plus I had to commute in fancy clothes (which is NEVER fun).


(Let’s forget about the fact that I’m going to be studying for two more midterms and working on a project during that time.) I’m catching up on the Dubliners posts (there are quite a few of them, so be ready), I’m going to play uke and guitar, and I’m going to finally leave my house and go some place other than school (namely my friend’s place and the bookstore).

But I’ll talk about the blog, because (since you’re here) I’m going to assume that’s what you care about.

So remember how, a few months back, I mentioned that my blog acts like a teenager, undergoing SEVERAL appearance changes? Yeah, that’s still happening.

This change isn’t as drastic, just a theme change, a background I had lying around, and a new header. No crazy colour palettes this time. I was helping out on a project that I hope I can tell you guys about soon, (though knowing the person in question, that might take a while), and I saw this theme called Penscratch. Which is what you’re probably looking at right now. The major deciding factor was the font.

I’m going to put it to the fact that the font of this one just goes better with the header…

…yeah, let’s go with that. Serif font is tough on the eyes. I’m not sure if this is actually better, but like I said, it does match better. Plus, it reminds me of this old electric typewriter I used to play with, and it’s bigger than before. So yeah, font change (besides, I’m too broke to pay of customization fees…)

The rainbow shelf was a fun little first project for this break, which took way too long to do (the blues took FOREVER) and way too long to clean up. Yeah, one of those projects to do during this break is reorganize my shelves…

I’m quite happy with this layout actually, so hopefully it gets to stick around for a while.

*Flash forward three months later*

Just kidding!

Anyways, that’s probably it for this update. Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of James Joyce in the near future!


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