The Playlist | Style by Taylor Swift (+ Cover)

I’m…I’m not proud of this.

I am not a Taylor Swift fan. I thought “Shake It Off” was fake and dumb, and I thought “Blank Space” was repetitive and monotonous, despite its uniqueness.

So why is “Style” stuck in my head?

I literally have listened to it multiple times every day this week. And I don’t know why. It doesn’t particularly show off Taylor’s voice well. It’s just as repetitive as “Blank Space.” Just as pop-y and fake as “Shake It Off”…

I got that good girl faith, and a tight little skirt

I mean, what kind of lyric is that?

And yet, I’m listening to this song for what feel like the hundredth time this week. I do like the background accompaniment. And something about it is catchy.

I do suspect that this cover has something to do with it:

I think it sounds better stripped down like this, but that’s just me.

And for fun, my favourite thing from this album:


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