The Playlist | If I Were A Ship by Hey Ocean!

It’s been usually sunny and warm this week. I actually took off my coat on the way home. Granted, I wear lots of layers, but that’s besides the point.

On a not unrelated note, I was hanging out with my friend and she showed me the band, Hey Ocean! I instantly got the album, Is, and have been listening to it on repeat.

How are these two things related? Well, the instant I heard “If I Were A Ship” I knew this was a summer pop band. This was the music that I’d listen to as I hung out in the backyard with a good book. That I’d blast at the beach with my friends. That I’d be listening to all summer long.

Summer just happened to occur a little early.

I actually had a hard time picking which song from the album I wanted to post, since the entire thing is amazing. From sassy “Bicycle” to upbeat “Make a New Dance Up” to the softer “Maps”, I definitely recommend giving the album a listen to.

I ended up choosing “If I Were a Ship” because (1) it has this awesome riff played by a flute of all things, (2) the video is beautiful, (3) the way the song builds on itself by gradually adding elements while still sounding rather minimalistic and (4) these lyrics are adorable:

If I were a bird
I’d sing out your name.
Perched high up on my branch
And I’d hope that you came.
I would spread both my wings
And I’d take to the sky.
I would bear all the wind and the rain
Just to be by your side.

It’s just a light, airy song. And I love it!


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