The Playlist | Gio Navas

I had something else planned for this weekend, but in honor of the first National Readathon Day hosted by Goodreads (which happens to be today), I thought I’d post a more book related song(s).

Yeah, there’s going to be more than one. (Hence only the artist’s name in the post’s title.)

Gio Navas is this YouTuber you have to check out. She’s a booktuber, who writes music about books.

And it is absolutely beautiful.

She writes all of these songs herself! She plays guitar and has an amazing voice and the songs are just so suited to the book…or rather, character, that she’s singing about. The first song that I found by her was “Child of Death”, which is about Nico di Angelo from PJO:

I just can’t get over these lyrics. They’re too good!

My heart is twisted, heavy, wrong.
It’s like it knows I don’t belong.
The world is big, lovely to be.
And yet, there is no place for me.

Then there’s her song about Piper McClean, with equally just as good lyrics:

Your heart beats in my hand.
And I will promise that I’ll
Do my best to keep it.
I’ll fight till mine stop’s beating.
Keep fighting evermore.

But most recently, I’ve been listening to this song about Will Herondale on repeat because French the Llama it is so true to his character. The heartbreak is just so raw in this song:

And I would give up everything,
to be freed of this curse.
I can’t imagine any way,
That my life could get any worse.
You’re so confused,
It’s hard to choose,
But I have so much more to lose.
And I wish that I’d never met you.
You can never love me the way that I love you

She’s also written songs about Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Legend, Shatter Me…and she’s not even limited to books! She recently posted a song about Mustang and Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist, and it’s just as good as everything I’ve posted here.

So seriously, go check out her YouTube channel and Tumblr. Do it now.

And, if you have music or youtubers to recommend, let me know in comments!


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