IMR | Clockwork Prince | Why William Herondale Probably Isn’t Cursed

Because if he were, there’d be quite a few more dead people.

How the problem is presented in the story:

  • Will accidentally releases a demon
  • His sister attempts to protect him despite a lacking knowledge on how to fight such demons, and is attacked
  • The demon proceeds to curse Will, claiming that “All who love you will die. Their love will be their destruction. It may take moments, it may take years, but any who look upon you with love will die of it, unless you remove yourself from them forever. And I shall begin it with her.”
  • The sister dies the next day, inexplicably
  • Will removes himself to the Institute, where he acts all guarded so no one will love him

Newsflash kid: If you are always getting yourself in trouble then making offhand comments about it, people won’t hate you. They will worry, and be concerned, and then they will care and then they love you.

Because guess what? That’s what happened.

(It’s what I like to call the “Nico Di Angelo effect”—be self-deprecating enough and the comfort will come to you.)

Charlotte and Henry obviously care for Will as if he were their son. Jem loves him like a brother. And Tessa can’t stop swooning over him, so obviously she’s in love with him. His family won’t stop loving him just because he left. They chased after him for crying out loud.

…and all these people would probably be dead by now if the demon’s curse had any grain of truth.

I interpret the demon’s curse as such: people who love you will die to protect you because they love you.

…Um, he’s a Shadowhunter. They are guarding each other’s backs all the time. They’re practically mandated to do so.  The demon was too ambiguous about the time frame. Everyone is going to die eventually so I don’t see this as a curse, more like a spelling of the truth.

Plus, it’s too easy to explain why Will’s sister died. She got hit by the demon…pretty sure those things are poisonous.

The only reason I can fathom Clare included this element is because she wants to test how much power we put into definitions that others impose on us. And how that affects our character. If she does this well, the book is going to earn HUGE points.

So far, it is promising. The way that Will is tortured by the curse is rather entertaining to read (which sounds sadistic, but wait for it) because it’s when he stresses over it that his true personality starts to peek through. He wants love, he thinks he can’t have it. So when the walls he’s built crack—gentle gestures to Jem, that silly poem he wrote for Tessa—it’s significant. And the cracks just keep getting larger and larger.

I can’t wait to see them shatter when he finds out it was fake.

(Because seriously, it can’t be true.)


Ha! I was right!


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