The Playlist | Lost My Pieces from Toradora

With all of the romcom novels I’ve been reading lately, why not top it all off with Toradora, probably the best romcom anime of all time?

(And before you come at me, Clannad is a close second. By a smidgen. Half a smidgen.)

My siblings were finally convinced to watch this anime and they loved it. Even my brother, who hates gushy romance.

Toradora reminds me so much of Stephanie Perkins’ series because it’s a love story not about when two people fall in love. It’s about how. And working for that. Striving to be good for that person.

And this song is played when the female lead, Taiga, realizes just that. It breaks my heart every single time I listen to this song.

In this song is the realization that you love someone but you can’t have them. Because you think that you aren’t the one they need. It contains the fear of being alone, the bittersweet note of knowing the person you care about is happy, but you aren’t.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go into a corner and feel, as the internet would say, all the things.


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