The Playlist | Ordinary Human by OneRepublic

So I finally got around to watching The Giver movie. And for all my groaning about it before, I really enjoyed it. True, the ending was drastically changed to fit in with the current mainstream dystopia movies, and I didn’t care for it much. But the movie as a whole? Pretty good.

The movie really emulated the message of the book well, and most of that is owning to the acting abilities of Brenton Thwaites, who plays Jonas. The way he reacts to each memory is beautiful. The way the emotion bleeds back into his life as it goes from monochrome to full on colour is such a wonderful experience to watch.

The memories themselves are so well done. The score for the movie really helps with the emotions…pretty sure I tears up whenever a memory was on screen because the music just filled it with emotion.

And to sum it all up is this awesome song by OneRepublic:

I know the video above is only part of the song, but I couldn’t find the official version of the whole song on YouTube, and lets face it, the video looks so cool.

And the song feels made for the movie. It’s about how being human is enough. And that is an extraordinary thing.


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