(Post) Medias Res | We Were Liars | So…That Ending…

I need help.

I like the reveal at the end of We Were Liars, I really do. Because I did not expect that at all.

Why didn’t I expect it? Because Cadence is with the Liars for most of summer seventeen.

So what gives? Is she hallucinating? Are they ghosts? A bit of both? How exactly did the kayaking scene work? How come Cadence didn’t notice her cousins and pseudo-boyfriend were still fifteen?

These questions make it really hard for me to like the book, since I wasn’t really expecting this supernatural element.

Unless it isn’t a supernatural element.

But if it isn’t, why does Gat keep getting upset, saying things like “You don’t know the real me” (i.e. the fact that he’s dead) or “I just really wanted to see you again” (because he never will because he’s dead)?

But then why does Gat insist on starting a relationship with Cadence again if he knows he’s dead? If he’s a ghost that kind of a dick move. That seems more like Cadence projecting her wishes onto a hallucination.

I’m also not sure if the fire actually solved the family’s problems. Sure, they’re sad and can mourn together, but at the same time, they still subscribe to their materialism. Sure, the aunts have stopped fighting, but the issue of the inheritance is still there. Sure, Ed is welcome into the family, it doesn’t mean Harris is happy about it. Despite Bess now living with her father, I doubt that they are actually closer.

And why does Carrie think she sees Johnny at night? Is he a ghost? A shared hallucination?

I really dislike this about the ending, because now I question everything I just read.

What did you think happened to the liars? Share your theories in comments!

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