The Playlist | Pop Danthology 2014

I love the remixes that come out this time of year. One of my favourites is the Pop Danthology:

Not necessarily the best year for pop music…my favourite year definitely has to be 2012. Even last year‘s was pretty good.

But I do love how the Danthology layers music on top of each other. There is so much work put into this video it amazes me every single time. I’d argue that they’re better than DJ Earworm.

It also gives me insight as to some music I might have missed during the year, since I don’t listen to the radio often, so I miss a lot of pop music without mash ups and remixes like this. I never heard about Uptown Funk before this music video (even if it is like a revamped “Uptown Girl”). Or about that One Direction song, “Steal My Girl” which is now perpetually stuck in my head.

What was your favourite pop music from this year? Let me know below!


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