The Playlist | Progressive Christmas Carols by Paint

It was a matter of time before Jon Cozart (a.k.a. Paint) made his way to this blog.

Ever heard of Harry Potter in 99 seconds? After Ever After? Boy Brand?

(Plus, his Share the Love song will always be a personal favourite of mine.)

Well the wonderful creator of all that has now made “Progressive Christmas Carols”:

What I love about Paint is that each satirical parody tackles social issues while parodying popular culture, making it relatable, entertaining, and rather political.

Add this to the fact that Cozart has amazing vocal talent, wonderful acting skills, and stellar editing, and you have some of the best videos on YouTube.

The problem is people are quick to get offended at his parodies because on face value they are pretty offensive. Paint’s cleverness is in its dark humour, so if that’s not your slice of pie, you aren’t going to like much of it. I personally find it intelligent and hilarious.

Take “Progressive Christmas Carols”. In four minutes, so many social issues are faced:

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen – Right away we know that the song is going to satirize the monopoly Christmas (and possibly Christianity) has on society.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town – Starting with the general means of negativity (judging, hating, bullying, discrimination) and ends the song with a touch on the Prolife movement. He also hints that he may go a little far in what he says in the song.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer – Satirizing the whole science/religion binary, using the classic evolution/creationism debate.

Mary Did You Know – Satirizing the people who defend their actions by using their religion. This is made ironic by examples of the non-violent and obviously Middle Eastern (Jesus was born in Jerusalem…pretty sure he isn’t caucasian) image of Christ used to defend gun ownership and racism.

Deck the Halls – This is about the monopoly Christmas has around December, pretty straight forward.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – With references to Ferguson, you can’t deny that this song is about racism. This is probably the one song that I would think crosses the line since it is very explicitly referring to a specific event…except that it really isn’t a specific event. Ferguson is a really good (extreme) example of daily racism.

White Christmas – More of a play on the meaning of the word “white” more than anything else.

Away In A Manger – I think people tend to forget that Jesus was not Christian. Yes, He started Christianity, but Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, and died a Jew.

O Holy Night – My favourite verse in this parody, the “O Holy Night” segment satirizes the commercialization of Christmas. No longer about the story of the birth of the Son of God, Christmas has been adopted by non-Christians as a time to buy gifts and put trees in their houses.

Do I think that’s a bad thing? Not really, since I separate religious Christmas and commercialized Christmas in my head. They are separate holidays that occur around the same time to me. (And in a way, I celebrate them both.) But I like that he’s trying to bring attention to the fact that Christmas is, to the general public, not about the religious undertones.

What do you think about Paint’s Progressive Christmas Carols? Let me know below!


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