My 2nd Liebster Award

A big THANK YOU to Kath Quiambao at Read? Read. For nominating me for the Liebster.


The Rules:

  • Link back to (and thank) the blogger that nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions they give you.
  • Tag up to 11 other bloggers who have 200 or less followers.
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions and let them know you nominated them!

And here are Kath’s questions for me:

What are you currently reading? How is it so far?

I’m in the process if rereading Blood Of Olympus, which is surprisingly difficult considering how fast I read it through the first time. It’s almost ridiculous.

I’m also listening to my first audiobook, Wil Wheaton’s narration of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. It’s an interesting experience, and the story is good. It reminds me of listening to Welcome to Nightvale.

Who is your favorite author? Why?

Ahhh, terrible question simply because I don’t know how to answer. I immediately think “J.K. Rowling,” but I feel like that’s everyone’s answer.

Hmm…I think I’ll go with Dr. Seuss. His books started my obsession with reading. They taught important lessons, built amazing worlds, and were just plain addicting. (My mom still tells me stories about how I would only settle down if someone read me The Cat in the Hat Comes Back several times in a row.)

What book to movie adaptation you hated the most?

Ella Enchanted. The movie just happened to have a same title and names for characters. It was worse than The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters combined. They just had to add an evil uncle, a murder plot, stupid musical numbers, and take away all the charm, cleverness, and personality in the original novel.

Do you prefer reading Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Fiction. It’s the best kind of non-fiction.

How many physical books you own so far?

I don’t have to actually count do I? There’s a lot. I’ve been collecting books since I was a kid. And the numbers have fluctuated since once in a while I clear through my shelves and donate some books.


So I literally went around my house counting the books I would call “mine”–either I bought them, or they were given to me, from the juvenile fiction from when I was a kid to the novels I read now, not including textbooks.

And the grand total is *drumroll please*…422!

(Plus or minus 10 books because I tend to miscount and I probably will find some later.)

Have you read the Harry Potter series? If yes, who is your favorite character. If not, why?

Yes! And I adore Luna Lovegood. She’s a Ravenpuff like I am!

What do you think are the reasons why there are some people hate the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer?

I read the entire series in high school, and watched the first movie, and then proceded to dislike the franchise. I still like certain aspects of it, namely Alice and Jasper.

But the books are actually not written well. If Bella was turns into a vampire at the end of the first book, life would probably be much easier for her. The vampire reimagining is sort of silly, the awkward love triangle with its even weirder resolution more so.

Plus, I wasn’t as crazy about the books as everyone because I didn’t exactly crush on the characters, which I figure was a large selling point to the teen girl demographic. If I was going to crush on anyone, it was probably going to be Jasper, but even then, nope.

If given by chance to date one fictional character, who would that be?

Hmm…I’ve always had trouble with this kind of question, because I don’t usually think about it. Especially since the characters I tend to like aren’t the kind I’d like to date. They’re the kind I want to be best friends and just hang out with.

But if I had to pick, I think I’d go with Frank Zhang from Heroes of Olympus. He’s sweet and strong. Kind and responsible. Every time he talks about Hazel he says he wants to be her knight in shining armour but he’s not sure if he can be. That’s the realist relationship if I’ve ever seen one, and completely refreshing to the beautiful-jerks-who-are-actually-a-nice-guy ever present in YA.

(Plus, if he wasn’t a demigod, he’d probably be a shut-in like me who reads books and listens to music. But unlike me he’d be secretly wicked good at sports.)

Do you have a book that you’ve read more than 3 times? If yes, what is that book?

Oh SO MANY! The most worn out ones are Ella Enchanted, PJO series, The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter 1-5 (due to the nature in which I read the books)…

I know I’m leaving out so many, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Do you play any instruments?

Yup. I play guitar. I used to play trumpet, and was first taught music with the recorder. I also have a ukulele that I’m learning to play.

Your favourite book cover?

Oh too many to choose from! Hand drawn covers like Harry Potter and PJO are beautiful, but in the end I love the minimalistic covers that are symbolic of the story it contains. Stuff like Room by Emma Donoghue, The Hunger Games’ series, and Ready Player One.


Hunger Game TrilogyI recently did the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award, so I’m not going to nominate anyone at the moment. I might defer these nominations for a later date, we’ll see, but for now none, sorry!


6 thoughts on “My 2nd Liebster Award”

  1. Hi! thanks for answering! Wow! So many books ♥ I haven’t read any from the Twilight series but I saw all the movies and I just like the “action” scene on the last part.


    1. I did like the last fight scene in Breaking Dawn. It was really well done, compared to the rest of the series, and actually deviates from the book there.

      Liked by 1 person

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