Seven Thousand

Hey! So Sam over at A Blast of Random tricked sent out a bunch of prompts to a bunch of her blogger friends a few months ago, and asked us to write a short story based on a prompt.

The clincher? All the prompts are lines taken out of context from Harry Potter! The first short story she posts is the one I wrote based on a prompt about Ginny Weasley: “She nodded, blushing to the roots of her flaming hair, and put her elbow in the butter dish.” So pop over to her blog and read it! I’m excited to see what everyone else has written!

A Blast Of Random

There’s no way we can do this in time.”

“Just relax and grab some eggs, milk, and butter from the fridge.”

Alice gathered her hair into a ponytail at the top of her head. A few stray red curls bounced in front of her eyes. She blew them out of her face.

“Besides, we could have done this yesterday afternoon if someone didn’t insist on refereeing a peewee soccer game for his little sister, who’s the reason why we’re making a cake in the first place.” She wasn’t playing fair but she didn’t particularly care. It was three in the morning after all.

“Shut up! Do you want her to wake up?” Kyle’s face peered from behind the refrigerator door, genuine fear in his eyes.

Alice mused at how close her best friend and his younger sister were. Nearly fifteen years apart in age, Kyle and Lucy…

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