Notable Quotables | The Kappa Child

Get ready for an avalanche of posts that I was supposed to publish a long time ago. (But something called BookBlogWriMo happened and I’m now super behind.)

Kappa Child was an interesting read. About a woman who can’t separate her past from her present, the quotes I ended up flagging really show that.

Let’s just say that when I realized that I didn’t want to grow up, the damage was already done. Knowing that being grown up was no swell place to be means that you are grown up enough to notice. And you can’t go back from there.

The odd thing about your looks is that you never see your own face. Funny how that works. How your reflection isn’t really who you are, just an image of your real self contained in glass.

It’s a bad sign, don’t you think. How we develop, not by growing, but by splitting.

I didn’t ask to be born into this world, but then, I didn’t ask not to be.

Childhood isn’t a book and it doesn’t end. My childhood spills into my adult life despite all my attempts at otherwise and the saturation of the past with the present is an ongoing story.

When I stop expecting an answer, I am suddenly free.

I feel like I just told the entire story in one post…since those quotes pretty much sum up the entire novel. Oh well, I still like them.

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