Thank You, Writers of the World

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Authors You’re Thankful For

(BTW, I’m Canadian. You’re about a month and a half late for Thanksgiving.)

This is almost as bad as asking me what my favourite books are.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way, shall we?

Obviously, JK Rowling, who is amazing and wonderful. Her story inspires me all the time, both her literary one and in real life.

Next is Rick Riordan, for making mythology popular and writing one of my favourite series. I always loved mythology and retellings, and PJO means so much to me because of that.

The final obvious one is John Green, co-founder of Nerdfighteria, one half of vlogbrothers, and writer of some of my favourite stand alone books.

I’m including Aphra Behn in my list because she wrote one of my favourite pieces from the 18th century, Oroonoko, as well as some pretty badass satire. Behn is also one of the first female writers to break out in English society, and without her I doubt Rowling would be able to be on this list.

There’ also Gail Carson Levine, who sparked my love of retellings of stories, and Tony Abbott and Tamora Pierce for my love of fantasy. Lois Lowry, for writing The Giver, the first book to show me that books aren’t just entertainment, they are the best kind of non-fiction.

And last but not least, Dr. Seuss, the writer of countless children’s books, which are solely responsible for my obsession with reading in the first place.

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