What Do You Mean “Deal”?!

BookBlogWriMo prompt: How You Deal with Book Hangovers

I laugh at this prompt. I really do.

But we’ll get to that in a second.

First we have to establish that there are two types of book hangovers:

  1. The sad, emotional kind because the book was awesome and I didn’t want it to end.
  2. The angry, ranting kind because the book sucked and I need to blow off some steam now.

I don’t always suffer from book hangovers. The hangover only occurs when I’m very invested in a book. And when it does, it will be on my mind for weeks after finishing.

Usually the first thing I do is re-read. Sometimes just pages I’ve flagged off, sometimes the entire book. It really does depend on how serious the hangover is (and of what variety–type 2 usually doesn’t get re-read, and I go straight to the second step).

The second thing is go on GoodReads. This works for both types of hangovers. Type 1, because there are people who will gush with me. Type 2, because there are people who will rage with me in some funny gif-filled review. (This is where the rating system comes in handy.) The forums are also a good place to go, though it can have its setbacks.

Usually after GoodReads I’ll go to WordPress and see if anyone else has read the book. This essentially serves the same purpose as GoodReads, but I feel people are more open and detailed on their personal blogs.

Then I’ll write the review. Putting my thoughts out really helps with finding closure in the book.

The laughable part of all this is that I’m still on a slight buzz from Blood of Olympus. (And by slight buzz I mean once a week my sister and brother and I will spontaneously enter a rant that is fairly short lived.)

But it’s been over a month! you say. Well…no, I’m not over it. My disappointment in Blood of Olympus is vast and insatiable. (You’ll notice it wasn’t in my Best Books of 2014 post.)

I plan on reading the book again, probably sometime next month once exams are over, but I’m not sure a cure is possible. My hangover from The Heroes of Olympus series stems from a lack of closure that seems nearly impossible because the ending was so dissatisfying. There is very little that reconciles this book for me in terms of main plot, simply because I am really attached to this series and I’m devastated at the rather abrupt and clunky ending.

I am jealous of people who like this book. I wish I could like it. I wish I could at least respect it as the finale, as I did with How I Met Your Mother.

At this point, the only solution left is give up and start a new book. Usually this does the trick, since I invest myself into a new story with new characters, and I’ve done it a few times with much success.

Any tips for getting over this book hangover? Let me know in comments!

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Mean “Deal”?!”

  1. I totally know how you feel about Blood of Olympus. It had its good parts, but that ending… I spent about a day convincing myself that I liked it and ranting to my mom about it (who kept telling me that she didn’t think I liked it xD). I had to accept the reality that that ending was in no way satisfying. Le sigh.

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    1. I know right? I think part of this extensive hangover is that I’m trying to convince myself that on some level it was good (which is nearly impossible). Hopefully after re-reading I can have some closure.

      I did read Riordan’s short story “Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo” recently, which improved my mood quite a bit. You can find it legally online here: http://www.harpercollins.com/web-sampler/9780061963803


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