*Wildly not to scale

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Reading Cave Fantasies

Yesterday I mentioned that I spent a significant amount of my childhood on interior design. (It’s a side effect of sharing your room with your younger sister). So, naturally, I actually have a floor plan of my perfect bookcave (note that this is wildly not to scale):


(I almost forgot to put in a door. Then I thought, why would I want to leave? And then I remembered stuff like food, a bathroom, and the existence of the real world. You know, trivial stuff like that.)

Features included are:

  • floor to ceiling bookshelves all over one wall
  • desk for computer and writing
  • wall that desk is against is a giant cork board, where I can pin up photos, bookmarks, loose papers
  • sliding door with an inset chalkboard for doodles and lists
  • bay window, where the seat is the depth of a twin bed, so I could sleep on it
    • which is loaded with lots of throw pillows
  • pendant lights
  • comfy armchair
  • circular side tables, which I could easily move around
  • hardwood floors and super soft rug
  • a bunch of random knick-knacks and plants

I spent some time on pinterest finding features that I liked:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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