The Playlist | 2014 Summer Pop Medley by Kurt Hugo Schneider

Yeah, I still listen to pop music.

I realized that a lot of my music the past few weeks has been really “hipster-hick” (as quoted by my sister)—which I don’t really (ok, sort of) believe.

And I can’t even say that pop music sounds all the same, because frankly my quote-unquote “hipster” music probably sounds all the same too (to the untrained ear…)

I don’t usually post pop music to the Playlist because I simply assume its already known due to its popularity.

But despite what the Playlist suggests, I listen to mainstream pop: Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Sam Smith, Sia.

I’ve always listened to and enjoyed Kurt Hugo Schneider’s channel on Youtube though. His collaborations with Sam Tsui were what inspired my friend and I to do mashups back in high school.

And we made a lot of mashups.

Their style has changed with the trend of pop music (because, hey, that’s what they’re covering) but I really like it. (Except for when Kurt raps…I smile at that because its cute that he’s trying.)

I like a lot of covers of pop music, actually. I think it’s just that the songs are so overplayed on the radio (thus my reluctance to listen to the radio nowadays), and it’s so refreshing to hear the songs differently. Recently found favourites of mine are Ed Sheeran’s cover of “Royals” and Josh Ramsay’s cover of “Anaconda.”

“Anaconda,” admittedly, still sounds stupid, but Josh Ramsay’s voice makes it funny to me instead of sexually demoralizing to women. It’s the contrast between his serious playing and the ridiculous lyrics.


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