It’s Selfish Reasons Really

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Favourite Book Blogging Things

I started blogging because I like reading, writing, and music.

And I love book blogging because I like reading, writing, and music. It’s as simple as that.

After I started school my reading, writing and guitar playing took a significant dive. I actually started a blog on Weebly where I started posting some short fiction and poetry.

I eventually closed that blog because I didn’t really feel motivated to continue–mostly because it didn’t help as much as I thought it would to increase my reading and writing.

Flash forward a year later, and I start blogging again, this time cutting out the original work and just talking about books. And I really enjoy it.

What’s so special about blogging is that I can share my ideas. I can rant and somewhere on the internet, there’s someone else with the same thoughts. I love writing IMR posts because of this. I love having a record of what books I’ve been reading.

And while it sounds like I could be just as satisfied with a GoodReads account, I’ve had a GoodReads account for a while now. And I never did anything with it.

I think what I really like about having a book blog is having a website that’s mine. A room of one’s own.

(Yes, that is a Virginia Woolf reference.)

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