From NOPE to Amazing!

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Your Ratings System

Here’s the thing: I hate my rating system. I rate books out of 10, with 5 being a passing grade, kind of like school.

More often than not the numbers are arbitrary, and I hedge a lot of the time when deciding between a 7 or an 8. Or 9 and 10.

Could I actually do a breakdown of what each number represents? Maybe.

0: NOPE.

1: Did not finish. Hated it. Can’t believe I ever picked it up.

2: Did not finish. Did not like it.

3: Did not finish. Thought I could, but finally gave up.

4: Managed to finish. Will not read again. Terrible.

5: Finished. Disappointing in terms of plot, character, and/or writing. Usually passes because of one good aspect. Probably won’t read again.

6: Okay. Book has qualities that are annoying and are only reconciled by a few outstanding parts. Probably won’t read again.

7: Good. Book feels like it’s lacking something, but still a good story. Might re-read, or just flagged scenes.

8: Great! Major problems distract from story or interrupt reading experience. Story is really good. Might re-read.

9: Amazing! One or two major flaws that are detrimental to the book. Definitely re-read and recommend.

10: Amazing! Read it again and again, always recommend! May have minor problems, but they do not hinder the book in any major way.

See the problem? There’s too much overlap, and sometimes they are too wide spread. Honestly, the rating system is mostly for my overall impression of the book…it contains no details. It leads to comparisons that really shouldn’t happen.

In truth I just made up the criteria for each rating on the spot…it’s more of an intuitive feeling. “What does this book feel like? It feels like a 7? Ok then, 7 it is.”

It’s the problem with putting an objective number on a subjective topic…it isn’t really objective.

But I leave the rating system in place because at some level I find value in it. I don’t know if I’ll ever get rid of it, but we’ll see.

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