It’s Your Blog, Do What You Want

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Advice For Newbie Bloggers

My blog is only one year old, but I’ve learned a lot of stuff in that one year. Hopefully there’s a newbie blogger out there that benefits from this. And if a more experienced blogger wants to debunk anything I say, go ahead.

The obvious answer is write. Write what you know. Write what you’re excited about. Write. Write. Write. And once you’ve finished, don’t be afraid to hit the publish buttonIf you don’t expose your writing, you’ll never know what works best for you. It’s the only way to find your blogging niche.

And besides, it leaves you with some pretty funny stuff to read after a while. Just check out my Beowulf post—my first “real” post. Pictures are missing because I didn’t understand how the media worked, I’m cheesy, and I always grin at this first post.

Have funI know I said this already, but seriously, write about what excites you. What makes you angry? What makes you laugh? What makes you want to rant until you’ve written a short novel? It’s the oldest rule in the book, but it’s true: If you’re bored, you’re audience will be too.

Share your unpopular opinion. The point of communication is discussion. Convey your thoughts. Think pop culture has gone too far? Hate EDM? Didn’t cry after The Fault In Our Stars? Share it! You’ll be surprised with who agrees with you, and you might change some minds.

I also learned that the blogging community is important. Find and follow blogs that talk about things you like. Foster that community. Read, like, and comment. And respond to comments on your blogCreate that dynamic with your readers. It’s more important to have one person who loves to read your work than lots of people who skim through your post as they scroll through their Reader. The great thing about blogging is that your work is accessible all over the world. And who knows? You might make some great friends!

Also, find a system that works best for you. My blog and “blogflow” are fairly organized, and it’s how I stay productive.  If that works for you, great. If not, find a system you like. Maybe you only write when you feel like it, and that means a post every month. That’s fine. It’s your blog—do what you want.

But most importantly, do not give up. Don’t like the direction you’re going in? Try another one. No one is hindering you from making drastic changes, except you. Not enough followers? Let your writing speak for itself. Try linking to social media.

It’s your blog. You make it what you want it to be.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Your Blog, Do What You Want”

  1. I like that you make a point about engaging readers – working to define yourself rather than just be scrolled and skimmed through in the Reader. I agree that I would prefer to have few followers that I can interact with versus tons of followers who just skim what I write. I agree that everyone should embrace who they are on their blog and don’t attempt to be something they aren’t – just be themselves and have fun cause that is exactly what this experience should be about.


    1. I’m glad you agree! I guess I never really said it explicitly, but yeah, the point is blogging is a personal experience, so make it personal.


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