It’s Always the Popular Ones…

BookBlogWriMo prompt: #Top10Tuesday – Most Popular Posts

According to my stats, my most popular posts are (unsurprisingly) about popular books.

I also discovered that the stats say I should write more about (1) mainstream books/news and (2) hate posts.

But I’m probably not going to do that.

PJGreekGods10. Review | Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

I am obsessed with Greek Mythology. Or anything mythology in general. So I was really happy that Riordan chose to rewrite the Greek myths in Percy’s point of view.

This review is a little nit-picky, but full of art from inside the book, which is absolutely gorgeous. 

I wouldn’t blame you if you clicked the link just to see the pictures.

9. Review | Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Miss PeregrineI don’t know why this post was so popular—the only reason I can think of is that the book was popular. This is the lowest score I’ve ever given a book. Maybe I should be harsh more often.

(I kid, of course.)

8. The Problem With #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Yeah, the hate posts seem to be pretty popular. Especially on the hot topics. When I got back from the Philippines I learned about the viral fad of the ALSBucketChallenge. That, and I have this thing about syntax.

For example, I got a T-shirt from my uncle that said “YOLO, but be practical.” I went on a whole rant about how it really should be “YOLO, so be practical”—which would greatly redeem the meaning of YOLO.

Eleanor and Park7. Notable Quoteables | Eleanor & Park

Another popular book! Eleanor & Park isn’t a mine for great quotes, Rowell has a talent for explaining something with simple grace. Funny story: I wrote this post after my first reading of the book—meaning I hated the book when I found these quotes. So if you wanted to see what I like when I dislike it, see the post!

6. Gulliver’s Travel’s, A Satire: (3) Castle in the Sky, Head in the Clouds

I’m quite happy that this one made the list. My favourite part of Gulliver’s Travel’s was Book 3. Click the link to see why!

5. Gulliver’s Travels, A Satire: (5) A Voyage To Insanity

I have a feeling that Gulliver’s Travels is on this list twice because students are lazy. Should I put a disclaimer saying that the Gulliver’s Travels posts are my independent thoughts on the novel?

4. Review | Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Self explanatory. Also, the second hardest review I’ve had to write. Why do I have so much difficulty writing reviews of the popular books?

the-heroes-of-olympus-the-book-four-house-of-hades_12354_5003. NOT Reasons For Boycotting a Book

I wrote this post in defence of the large negative reaction to Nico’s homosexuality. The “reveal” had parents and readers alike refusing to read the final book strictly because of Nico’s crush on Percy. I had problems with it myself, but in terms of storytelling rather than content. Which is why it made me super mad that people were so homophobic. I’m glad that me defence got so much attention.

2. The House Of Hades: The Soundtrack

Because of my plan to reread and review the PJO/HOO series before Blood of Olympus released, instead of posting a review for House of Hades, I posted a soundtrack for the novel. I was inspired by my Tempest soundtrack, and I had heard OneRepublic’s “Someone I Need,” thinking immediately of Percabeth. The success of this makes me wonder if I shouldn’t do it more often.

the-blood-of-olympus-cover1. PJO Review | The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Speaking of controversy in Riordan books, here’s my review for Blood of Olympus. I struggled with this so much, but I finally came to a conclusion I am happy with. (Depending on your definition of happy.)

This is also a fairly recent post (less than a month old) so I’m shocked that it skyrocketed to the number 1 spot, narrowly beating out my House of Hades soundtrack just yesterday.

Then again, that’s underestimating the rabid fanbase.

(Which is also why I’m surprised I’m not getting hate for my conclusions on the series. Want to know what they are? Click the link!)

What do you think of my Top 10 posts? Do they deserve their top spots? Is there a post that you think should be here? Let me know in the comments!

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1 thought on “It’s Always the Popular Ones…”

  1. My review of Blood of Olympus is almost my most read post! I agree that it was crazy how quickly the number skyrocketed to the number one spot (but it is a popular novel and the last in a series).


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