I Feel Like an Interior Designer…

…and it’s sort of embarrassing.

BookBlogWriMo prompt: #Flashback Friday – Blog’s First Design

I mentioned in my history post that my blog is a teenager: moody, always changing appearances (and its mind), and generally giving me unnecessary grief.

This all stems from when (once I actually decided to keep the blog) I decided I should redesign the layout to my liking.

And then my baby blog went straight to that annoying teenage phase I just mentioned. I went through many theme and background changes, none of which I were particularly pleased with until I finally got to what you see before you.

The first layout didn’t come through on WayBackMachine.com, so it looks like the html layout:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.22.58 PM

(I also—and I’m not proud of this—had the first few posts written in the style of [witty mini rant] “Short story long,” [point of post followed by digression]. My Tempest soundtrack, is a good example of this. I was trying to make the blog’s title relevant.)

(I also had the “quotarchive,” which was an archive of my posts according to the end quote I had put there…because I used to end my posts with quotes. I realize that this is a terrible organization system.)

The “interior designer” bit is that in an attempt to help to help me find something I liked, my sister got me to google colour palattes. I’d found a site that made customizable backgrounds, so I needed to decide on a colour and a pattern…the combinations of which I still have saved and am now sharing with the world:

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