Notable Quotables | Midnight Robber

Midnight Robber is a really complex story, which doesn’t have as many quotes as I thought it would. A lot of my flags were for the parallels between the folktale and the actual history of Tan-Tan. I was able to find a few things that I think are worth sharing:

There’s the brilliance of the douen:

Oonuh tallpeople quick to name what is people and what is beast.

Is so trade does go. If people ain’t share their talents and gifts with each other, the world go fall apart.

The sign of when someone really cares about you:

You could rule man easy, with just one thing. Sometimes [Tan-Tan] wished for something more, wished that they wouldn’t make it so easy. She’d get vex at all the stupidee men in stupidee Junjuh. Then she’d go and talk to Melonhead whose eyes met hers and who talked to her face, not her bubbies.

And some of the more metaphorical parts of the novel:

It wasn’t magic, it was craft and cunning.

No need to wish for dead, it will happen soon enough. It does come to all of we.


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