The History of My Room of Requirement

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Where you blog

There’s actually a long story to answer this. Well, maybe not so long. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is where I blog (from two angles!):


(It’s messier than it looks. There’s a table in the middle of the room that has notebooks and textbooks on it that I was standing beside as I took the picture.)

So I promised a story and here it is:

Once I started university, my family and I quickly realized that I needed a room to myself that I could disappear into so I could study and write papers and lab reports and repair my vanishing cabinet.

We’d rebuilt the house three years before. My mom is responsible for the house’s entire layout, from floor plan to doorknobs, and she went through several drafts of our house. These drafts negotiated me and my sister sharing a room with the promises of a bay window and a vaulted ceiling in our room (which never did happen)–but we did get our own closets, which is good, because my sister hoards clothes like you wouldn’t believe.

The plans also included a spare room upstairs for storage, to act as a guest room when guests came by the house, and media room for the old TV, PS2, the piano and my guitar. It was essentially a stationary Room of Requirement.

But there was always this niche for the window that really had nothing there. My mom tried putting the piano there, a bench, a chair—none of them surviving long.

There was however a desk in the library/office downstairs that was little more than a storage shelf until my mom suggested we move it up to the multi-purpose room for studying. No one used the room except my aunt when we were at school, and I had already adopted it, using our old coffee table and couch as a makeshift workstation.

And thus my writing space was born. In the early days my sister and I conspired to turn the room into my actual bedroom, but we eventually gave up when we had visitors and realized it would be easier in such circumstances if we just cleaned up my school books rather than all of my stuff every time a guest came by.

It isn’t necessarily my room since it’s populated with my aunt’s plants and my brother’s old gaming systems, and my mom’s old photographs, but I do a lot of my creative work here: my studying, my blogging, my writing, my guitar playing. The only problem is sometimes the wi-fi gets a bit dodgy depending on where you are in the room.

And if you’re wondering, “Why isn’t she writing in the library/office downstairs?” Well, that place isn’t necessarily soundproof and its located next to the heart of the house: the family room and kitchen, where noise always emanates from.

And that’s the story of my Room of Requirement.

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