Thank you, Community of Nerds!

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Why you blog

Surprisingly, the answer to this is simple…but long. I blog because I want to express my thoughts about books I read, music I listen to, and just stuff in general.

I always wanted to have a reading journal. Something where I could keep track of the books I read and my thoughts on the book. I tried a handwritten version of it a long time ago, but I didn’t keep up.

When I first started blogging for my English assignment, I wasn’t sure if I was going to use the blog afterward. It felt like a waste, though, since I had learned how to use the blog over the course of those three months.

Like I said in my history post, I really did cement my blogging career with NaBloPoMo last year. I liked the idea of posting my thoughts on books that I read, and I finally had the dedication to a tracking system of the books I’ve read. I finally had the reading journal I wanted.

But what I liked even more were the comments and finding posts that people wrote about the same things I wrote about. It’s amazing to find out that other people had the same thoughts and opinions that I had, even the differing opinions—I like talking about things with other people who are equally passionate about them as I am.

And that’s why I titled this “Thank you, Community of Nerds!” because while you might not feel like you’re a nerd, if you’re a person who unapologetically likes something and is willing to talk about it on the internet, you basically are a nerd.

I’ll just leave it to John Green to explain:

So I’m just really thankful for how blogging has connected me to other people who are “enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness.”

Because we’re not getting paid for this (but how awesome would it be if we did?).

So internet, why are you blogging? Better yet, why do you do social media like blogging, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook? Also, if you’re on Tumblr or Pinterest, leave a link below so I can follow you!

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