Everywhere! (If Time Permits)

BookBlogWriMo prompt: Where do you read?

The title pretty much says it all. I literally read everywhere.

In the car (if I’m not driving), the bus, the train, on planes. In bed, at informal meals, the back porch, the living room couch, on the toilet…okay I should probably stop there.

It’s a good skill to have as a college student, being able to read almost anywhere. My commute carves out about three hours for me to read a day, provided I get a place to sit or stand comfortably.

But my favourite place to read is definitely in bed. I have a lamp so I can just lie in bed and be cozy with a good book and maybe some tea or hot chocolate. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) I’m notorious for going to bed early in my house, but I think it’s reasonable since (1) I wake up at 5 am three times a week and (2) I don’t sleep, I read.

I used to be able to read while listening to music—any music—but I’ve discovered that certain songs are impossible to fade to the brain’s background. I still listen to music sometimes, but I have select playlists for it. Usually I pick songs in languages I can’t understand (hello anime soundtracks) so I don’t focus on the words they’re saying, just the tune playing. Soft music in English is also passable, like Vienna Teng, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheeran.

The one place I probably cannot read is direct sunlight. It just bounces off the page, blinding me for no good reason other than to prevent reading. It’s like nature has a built in mechanism telling me to get off my reading butt and do something productive in the sun. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…


So internet, where do you read? Fellow BookBlogWriMo-ers, I’ll be looking out for your post!

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11 thoughts on “Everywhere! (If Time Permits)”

  1. You almost beat me to it! That was quick 😛

    BTW it is our third day doing BookBlogWriMo and today I realized that your blog titles are actually very brief answers to the prompt!
    Wow.. I’m slow.
    (Thing I learnt today: you can, and do, drive. Why don’t we ever ask this kind of stuff to each other? I don’t. Yet. Turned 18 a month ago so yeah).


    1. 18. You don’t get a license until you’re 18.
      People obviously learn before that if they wish to, and then go around if they’re those kind of people.


    2. I’ll have to apply for it. Which I haven’t done because I didn’t get time.
      Also, first I need to get a valid PAN card (Permanent Account Number).
      I have applied for that.


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