Almost Always Hardcopy, With Flags

BookBlogWriMo prompt: How do you read?

Simple answer? Almost always hardcopy, with flags.

I prefer to read hardcopy books, and I like to own them. So even the books I really dislike, I had a hardcopy at some point. I usually troll around used book stores, buying them on the cheap. There’s just something about the physicality of a book.

Though (amazingly) the physicality of books has ruined them for me in the past. I guessed the ending to Ender’s Game when I saw how many pages were left and realizing they were still “training.”

I have, however, discovered the greatness in eBooks, because it’s really easy to pull out my phone and read on the bus or the train. Plus, eBooks are cheaper in the long run, and when I pre-order, I’d get the books instantly.

My speed completely depends on the book: how easy of a read is it? How anxious am I to know the next scene? How tired am I?

…I do a lot of reading before bed. Usually my speed is an indicator of how much I enjoyed the book.

I also multiread…meaning I’m usually reading more than one book at a time. Confusing? Maybe, but that’s how I roll.

But the most important thing about my reading process is using flags. I love flagging great quotes, scenes, and lines while I read. I reread a lot, but sometimes I don’t feel like reading the whole book, so sometimes I’ll just go back and read the parts that I flagged off.

Photo on 2014-03-29 at 9.31 PM

So internet, any reading habits you want to share? Any you think I should adopt? Hardcopy or ereaders (horrible question, I know)? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Almost Always Hardcopy, With Flags”

  1. See now I didn’t know that. That part about “Almost always hardcopy”.
    I knew about your obsession (saying that in a good way) with flagging and now I know. 🙂


    1. Haha yeah. I think it’s becausr I spend so much time looking at a screen when blogging and doing homework that when I finally carve out time for a book, I want a break from screens.


    2. Yes. That must be it.
      I mostly read depending upon what book it is. If I’m getting it as a paperback or hardcover that’s great, if not then I need to read it as an e-book because I’m not patient enough to wait- and that’s good because otherwise I end up never reading it.


  2. I’m starting to flag my books. I put them on pages where I see great quotes from my “Outlander” bricks. 🙂

    Something I remembered when I read this part, “when I saw how many pages were left” — I like reading physical books because you can actually see and feel how close you are to the end. It’s a treat seeing your progress not just by page number but also by how thick the remaining pages are.


    1. I usually like that feeling as well. I like seeing how much page time is left as the action builds, it creates tension for me. It was just that one time with Ender’s Game, when I saw how few pages were left as they did their “final exam”…and there was no logical way they could fight a whole war in the little space left, so I guessed that they were actually fighting already…and I was right.

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