My Blog is A Baby, Who Acts like a Teenager

BookBlogWriMo Prompt: History of Your Blog 

I’m sick of telling this blog’s origin story. I feel like I’ve written about it so many times. I’m only telling this story one more time:

I started blogging as an assignment for my ENG220 class, which is focused on pre-18th century literature. It’s why the beginnings of the blog have complaints about Paradise Lost and comprehensive posts on Gulliver’s Travels. I didn’t know if I was going to continue blogging after the class had ended, until I came to know the great blogging community here, and I kind of became addicted to it.

I did NaBloPoMo last year, which nearly killed my baby blogger year-younger self, but I couldn’t pass up BookBlogWriMo this year either. NaBloPoMo is what, I think, cemented the addiction. I wrote a lot in that month, and came across a bunch of new bloggers.

Short Story Long is just over a year old, basically a baby. But really, it’s more of a really moody teenager, trying to find itself. I’ve changed the appearance numerous times: changing themes, backgrounds, experimenting with headers and stuff like that.

I’ve experimented with different post types too. After my English class, I continued the blog in a rather open format: randomly blogging whenever I felt like it. I started making post “types”: my Reviews, my In Medias Res posts, the Notable Quotables, and the Playlist. I realized I wanted to be more regular with my posting, so I made some rules for myself:

  1. Always write at least one post on any book I read
  2. Post a new song to the Playlist every Saturday

The rules came about because I had skipped out on writing about several books that deserved mentioning (namely some Neil Gaiman and John Green…oops), and I wanted motivation to keep writing and finding music to listen to.

I’ve also revised my reviewing process over the past year, experimenting with rantings, ratings, loose and strict styles. I’ve finally come across one that I really like, and I’ve been sticking to it for a while now.

Most recently, I’ve started a tumblr sister blog to this one, which is basically the hyper younger sister to this blog, since I reblog all sorts of book stuff there.

And that’s about a year of blogging in summary. I know I left out a bunch of details, but I’m leaving them out since the prompts for later days would be repetitive if I talked about them now.

Hope to see you every day this month!

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3 thoughts on “My Blog is A Baby, Who Acts like a Teenager”

  1. Love the title of this post 😀 And your blog had interesting origins! I know the feeling of talking about how my blog began, and I’m afraid I’m beginning to sound like a broken record now. Hopefully it’s a fresh story for some!


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