Last Minute Updates for the Last Day of the Month!

First of all,

Happy Halloween!

I didn’t think I was going to dress up or do anything this year, since (1) someone needs to stay home and give kids candy and (2) (and this is probably more important) I recently *coughjustyesterdaycough* suffered from tiny chicken disease (also known as the common cold) which luckily turned out to be of the 24-hour variety, so now I’m just enduring slight lightheadedness and sniffles.

My sister and dad did manage to make some pretty awesome jack-o-lanterns,

Charizard by my sister and cat by my dad

And a package came in the mail for my sister. Turns out it was actually for me: my belated birthday present. Not going to lie, I pretty much freaked out and immediately went to put it on:

Photo on 2014-10-31 at 4.53 PM

That’s right. I’m Reyna Avila (BAMF) Ramirez-Arellano for Halloween this year. My brother gave me a purple Bazinga shirt too…which means I’m on my way to a purple fandom T-shirt collection. (If I get a Welcome to Night Vale Shirt, it’s going to be official.)

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only thing that made me freak out today. The Frankenstein MD finale came out today, and let’s just say it is a very accurate portrayal of the book. I’m not putting the embedded video simply because you need to watch the whole thing (or least the second half) before watching the finale.

Frankenstein MD was such a good show and I really hope there’s a season two, simply because I want to see more of Anna Lore’s acting as Victoria Frankenstein. And it’s no secret that Frankenstein is one of my favourite books.

But on the topic of things I can embed, ravenclawsam invited me to BookBlogWriMo, hosted by Book Bumblings. After my attempt at NaBloPoMo last year, I am both reluctant and very motivated to do it:

BookBlogWriMo-ScheduleThe BookBlogWriMo Master post will be found here! If you want to join up fellow book bloggers, click on the link above or anywhere on the schedule. You’ve got five days left to sign up!


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