The Playlist | Icarus by Paola Bennet

Paola Bennet has featured here before, as has the mythological character Icarus.

This song is worth the redundancy.

Bennet’s voice reminds me of Vienna Teng: clean, sincere, haunting. She’s an amazing musician who’s youtube you really should check out if you like the song.

But what really makes me love this song is two-fold: (1) Greek mythology (duh), and (2) the hero’s journey, as defined by John Green.

so i’ll remember this
as i stretch my wings:
for birds like me,
every beat’s a reckoning
and i’ll take a breath
think i’m gaining ground
but so did icarus before he came tearing down

It’s a spin on the familiar I never thought about before—Icarus undergoes the hero’s journey (that of hero to loser) within seconds as his life ends. I always thought Icarus’s story was about knowing your place, not daring to take too much or stoop for too little—which seems like a dated concept to me now.

I like it because the song accepts the hero’s journey as inevitable, but worth it. It makes Icarus’s story relevant again.

And despite the soft tone, it’s an empowering song because of it’s message. I can’t stop listening to it.


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