The Playlist | Tee-Shirt by Birdy

I was in a mood for a love song this week. I really don’t know why–I just wanted something simple and sweet. Something sounding like Colbie Calliat. Birdy’s “Tee-Shirt” was this week’s choice.

This is from the TFioS soundtrack, which I just started listening to. I really like all the songs on it, but “Tee-Shirt” is definitely one of my favourites.

Something about the guitar accompaniment is so raw. It’s something in the way she plucks and slides on the strings.

The tone of her voice is also just so calm. I love it. It’s almost comforting, like the song is a blanket you can snuggle into. (I may need that this weekend with midterms on the way.)

Plus, these lyrics are just so adorable:

I know
’cause I’d spend half this morning
Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in

I should know
’cause I’d spend all the whole day
Listening to your message I’m keeping and never deleting

In retrospect, that first half of the chorus is a little creepy. I mean, who thinks about someone’s T-shirt? A strange sort of metonymy.

Either way, I’ll be listening to this song for a while.


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