In Media Res | At The 400 Page Mark, We’re Almost There…

the-blood-of-olympus-coverIf I still have to say, “Spoliers”…well you’re just trying to ruin the book for yourself now.

Oh for the love of foreshadowing…pages 300 – 400 of Blood of Olympus are moment after moment of OMG. It’s just scene after scene of nostalgia and shock and brilliance.

Apollo and Artemis, together at Delos…OMG.

Jason needs glasses…OMG.

Leo is planning on dying…OMG.

Reyna kills Orion with the help of Athena…OMG.

Tyson and Ella are back…OMG.

Piper’s namesake is fulfilled…OMG.

I realize this list seems to mix the serious with the trivial, but for some reason, I’m not scared for Leo. More pissed at the fact he thinks he has to do everything on his own. Besides, he’s got an eternal maiden to liberate. He can’t afford to die.

I’m betting the Mist version of the cure is what Leo chucked out, and Hazel tricked Leo into thinking Piper has the fake. I can’t believe Hazel and Frank would let him do whatever he’s planning without a backup in mind…I don’t care how duty driven they are.

Besides, some explanation for why Jason is wearing glasses on the cover was a big deal…they put it on the cover after all.

Also appearances of Blackjack, Pegasus (the original), Asclepius, and Dakota…all of which were welcome and built up excitement.

I’ve already threatened to cry twice.

The most touching moment so far has to be Reyna, once she’s left alone and the others create a diversion. She breaks down while Blackjack comforts her, and then is blessed by Athena and kicks some giant hunter butt.

The second most touching is when Leo is absentmindedly making something while talking to Apollo, and it turns out to be a sort of music box that plays Calypso’s song. He has to trade it to get information, but his reaction when he plays the song was scene stopping. Everything just slows down and all focus is put on Leo and this music.

But if you’ve gotten to page 400, you know what I really should be talking about:


I feel like I was buttered up for this, since just a few pages before Piper was witness to probably the sweetest Percabeth scene ever.

And so, panicked for these protagonists lives, I leave you.

Any other shocking moments I’ve missed? Remind me in the comments!


4 thoughts on “In Media Res | At The 400 Page Mark, We’re Almost There…”

    1. In many ways they are me just listing my favourite parts, but I’m glad I’m writing it all down. I feel like I should write IMR posts more often. They’re fun to write and looking back on them, its funny where I got stuff wrong and stuff right.


    2. With your blog posts, even if I don’t wanna read any spoilers, I’ll still definitely read the Notable Quotables, love those. 🙂


    3. I’m glad. 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t flag anything in Blood of Olympus. Even that my siblings would consider spoilers, because that means some important is happening. It’s why I’m writing all my thoughts here, because I can’t talk to them about it yet.

      And tumblr is only focusing on one particular aspect of the end, which is kind of pissing me off because THAT’S NOT WHATS MOST IMPORTANT…geez tumblr.


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