In Medias Res | 300 Pages, and People Find Their Place


300 pages already? I wish I could do my required reading this fast. Not that I really have a choice in the matter.

Well I do, but it doesn’t feel that way since I need to know what happens next!

These past 100 pages have been more about the uncertain characters finding out where they belong. At least, the people I was most uncertain about. 

Piper, for instance, finally uses her emotional connection to really good use, and is able to recruit the spirits of fear to their cause. Her taking charge for once, so confidently, is refreshing. (And I know you’re going to remind of the nymphaeum. Well I didn’t like the nymphaeum scene, so there.)

Jason is especially important in these past few pages since he’s decided what he wants to do after the war: build shrines to all the minor gods, Greek and Roman. He chooses to be both. It does freak me out that he seems to be taking Percy’s role, though. Percy was the one who wanted equality among the gods. He advocated for it, but he never really had a chance to put it to action. Jason’s doing it now, but I kind of wish Percy was in on it too.

Percy is actually scared of himself and his powers. That was a consequence of Tartarus I didn’t expect. If only he’d share that fact with Annabeth, then they could help each other get over that fear.

And Percy’s fatal flaw has been mentioned yet again. Two more times and I’m going to be certain that hes the one who’s going to die.

Nico is also (I think) starting to get over Percy. He’s gotten some good friends that he can really rely on now: Hedge, Reyna, Hazel and Jason. People who really get to know him and care sincerely about him.

Speaking of Nico….WHAT IS HAPPENING TO HIM? Why is he transparent and passing out? I thought he was getting better: talking to people, eating real food for once. Does using the powers of the dead suck out his life force? (Though using his powers of the dead was a pretty awesome thing to read.)

…is that what’s going on?

Oh, and REYNA’S BACKSTORY. You thought Jason had it bad? You thought Nico had it bad? Reyna killed her father. Yeah. That happened.

Of course, it was by accident, and he had basically wasted himself away before hand and treated his kids terribly, but damn that’s life-scarring on the Leo level. In many ways, it isn’t Reyna’s fault, but it doesn’t matter because she feels like it was her fault.

I wonder who is going to “heal her heart”…since Aphrodite told Reyna her heart can’t be healed by a demigod. So who then? A god? A mortal? A pegasi?

Actually, that might happen…

Is it so wrong to want a happy ending for these people? One where no one dies and past sins are forgiven and there is no heartbreak?

On a lighter note, Thalia and Hylla are now comrades and kicking monster butt and hunting Orion together! Thalia’s note after kidnapping Reyna is probably the best comedic relief so far:

IOU one Roman praetor.
She will be returned safely.
Sit tight.
Or else you’ll be killed.
XOX, The Hunters of Artemis

What’s the best happy ending for these characters? Tell me in comments!


6 thoughts on “In Medias Res | 300 Pages, and People Find Their Place”

  1. Oh dear, if you keep up at this pace I’ll have to stop reading these posts! But as for what you said, yes. Yes to everything. I’m terrified for Percy right now, though I do doubt he’ll die. It just doesn’t make sense for that to happen after spending so many years with Percy (and at the same time, that’s exactly what would make it a poignant finale but then again, wouldn’t people be marching down the streets by now if that were so?).

    My bet is on Leo or Jason with Percy playing a pivotal part in it because of his fatal flaw – tackling one of the other guys before they sacrifice themselves or saying he’ll do it instead, which — I’d better stop there. I’m making myself paranoid.


    1. I’m actually pretty confident that Percy will die. Leo seems like the least likely option to me, despite the plot pushing otherwise.

      I have this theory that Rick is so commited to the original myths, he’s going to kill Percy off because we have been following the story of Percy for so long. Greek mythology follows heroes from their strange birth to their untimely end. The focus in Piper and Jason this book seems be a way of cushioning future deaths by endearing the reader to characters they havent known/liked as long.

      But in reality I dont want anyone to die. :/


    2. That makes complete sense but… I do hope you’re wrong. I love Percy too much. If he dies, I don’t even know how I’ll react 😦 Here’s to hoping that whoever dies gets to drink the little potion!


    3. I hope I’m wrong too. But the potion…nope I’m stopping there for sake of spoilerific content (beyond page 300, since I’ve already burned the no spoilers bridge :p )


    4. Well, I’ve read up to 330 so if it’s up to there… :p But ugh, I have so many bad feelings about all of this… Guess I should stop being productive and go back to reading, huh? :p


    5. Haha that’s essentially what I’ve done. But I figure I’ll be too distracted to study for midterms if I don’t finish soon.


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