In Medias Res | It’s Here, I’m 100 Pages In, and There Will Be Spoilers

A package addressed to me arrived yesterday morning, containing the following:



It is torture, reading this book, because every other page I have this need to rant and express emotion because every other page I’m learning something new about these characters.

And I wish I could randomly exclaim out loud and have my parents look at me with a strange expression on their faces but…no. 

My siblings are lined up to read the book after me, and if they see me reacting, they get impressions about what’s going on. So I can’t say or do anything in response. This is particularly hard since I like reading in bed and I share a room with my sister.

BUT, I can post my impressions here. (Why else would I have started the In Medias Res posts?)

SO PEOPLE WHO HAVE YET TO READ BACK AWAY! I’ll give you some time…

Gone? Good.

To make things easy (and more like my scattered thoughts) it’s just going to be a list:

  • Piper is fighting! Yes! And using her charmspeak in awesome ways!
  • JASON IS DOWN. I REPEAT, JASON IS DOWN. Not even 30 pages in, and Rick has the nerve to stab the narrator, body and soul, with imperial gold. I am not the biggest Jason fan, but COME ON.
  • REYNA’S POINT OF VIEW. Literally, that’s it. She’s got powers, and a weird sort of empathy thing going on with Nico, and if she ends up with that Mike guy from Hawaii….
  • I want to wring Octavian’s skinny little neck. Not only is he marching on CHB but he has the nerve to assume a high political position (using religion as his basis no less) and recruiting traitors and murders to the legion. At least his augur powers are shut down, but that means…
  • Apollo no longer has control of Delphi, the center of his prophetic powers. What’s driving me crazy is that NO ONE IS QUESTIONING HOW THIS IS AFFECTING RACHEL. I am terrified for her character in a way that I haven’t been since The Last Olympian. 
  • Hazel is just a little shipper, knowing all about Calypso and even sketching a picture of her from Leo’s description. It’s so damn cute how Leo’s hung up on the goddess, and his relationship with Hazel has calmed down now. A+ to that.

And that’s it for now. Back to reading the book!

If you’re reading Blood of Olympus right now, tell me about your first impressions in the comments!

(And if you’re from the future, having finished the book and want to talk about the beginning, that’s cool too!) 


2 thoughts on “In Medias Res | It’s Here, I’m 100 Pages In, and There Will Be Spoilers”

  1. I’ve read some 200 pages of the book already and oh my God it’s so good so far. The cliffhangers between PoV changes are killing me though – but I suppose he could be doing worse.

    Also, can I just say that the scene with the blue pancakes was adorable? I love Percabeth too much.


    1. “I am the son of the sea god. I can’t drown, and neither can my pancakes.”

      Percy, you dork.

      And I completely agree about the pov changes. I hate/love how each one with Reyna and Nico ends with shadow travel.


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