In Medias Res | 200 Pages Into Blood of Olympus and Some Gaps are Filled


I really hope this is obvious: SPOILERS BE AHEAD, SO IF YOU HAVEN’T MADE IT THROUGH TO CHAPTER 19 (page 200, convenient, huh?), STAY AWAY!

I came across a scary realization within 200 pages—Percy, Annabeth, Frank, and Hazel don’t have POV in this novel.

Which makes me fear for their well being.

Especially since three out of these four are who I’ve been fearing will die in this novel.

Especially since those same three people have been told by a goddess that one of them will die.

But let’s move on to more happier things, shall we? Let’s take, for instance, Nico’s point of view.

All that begrudging I had about Nico’s coming out scene in House of Hades? Nearly reduced to nothing now, and you know why? Riordan has explained it!

Nico’s celebration and acceptance from the past series was more or less temporary. Once the novelty of beating Kronos wore off, Nico was ignored again. Riordan brings this back into focus, making Nico’s crush on Percy more of added salt to a wound rather than the be all and end all to Nico’s hermit ways. Nico’s conversation with his dad shows that he recognized his feeling for Percy before the Battle of Manhattan, but he wasn’t ready to actively pursue them.

Also, Nico’s pretty badass in battle. And he can dream-navigate? Awesome!

Really though, these past 100 pages have really been about relationships between the characters.

Percy and Leo reconcile over Calypso. I feel it was kind of rushed, but aces to Rick for getting that out of the way, because I don’t think I can handle anymore love triangle drama. There’s too much stuff going on that’s more important to the story.

And yet there’s enough time carved out for some much needed development in the Piper/Jason department. This book has actually made me like their dynamic, and the characters themselves. In the past books, Piper and Jason were probably my least favourite of the seven, but now? I can’t help but like them.

I am finally understanding their relationship and liking it. That’s right, I’ve finally boarded that ship.

And speaking of ships, Percy blew up the Argo II’s plumbing. He’s been really touchy since Tartarus, and it’s kind of shame that he and Annabeth don’t get POVs because I’d love to know what’s going on in terms of PTSD for them. Percy’s in super protective mode, and Annabeth is stressed and terrified. Just before the 200 page mark, Annabeth had a break down, confessing her fear of Percy’s anger and her helplessness.

And on the plain of non-romantic relationships: Frank and Piper shopping trip? Very happy this relationship got some light before the series ended.

We got a look at CHB under siege, too. Rachel hosting of the sprit of Delphi is all messed up, as is the entire Apollo cabin. Seeing Grover and Clarisse again were good. Also the references to Hunger Games, Hedge’s modified megaphone courtesy of Leo, and Nico seems to have an unexplored relationship with Thalia.

I hope Thalia shows up. And Hylla. And Luke. Luke would be good.

I left Annabeth and Piper in a cave with metal dragons and fear. See you in another 100 pages!

What do you think of the relationship development Blood of Olympus? What other questions or plot holes do you want answered? Tell me below!

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