The Playlist | On Feeling Rick-Trolled

You’ve probably heard of rickrolling.

You know, when some posts a video with a really intriguing title, and instead you get:

Nerdfighters may have been Hank-rolled:

Well, this week, I’ve been Rick-trolled. Which is why the playlist this week is just a big fat rick-(t)roll

Rick-troll: noun. 1. The action of trolling in the fashion of Rick Riordan. 2. When author Rick Riordan sweeps the rug from under his rabid fanbase by either (1) killing a character, (2) un-killing a character, (3) threatening to kill all characters in the long awaited finale “The Blood of Olympus”, (4) posting this less than two weeks from the release of aforementioned book:

Magnus Chase Reveal

With the caption: “And yes, I know what you’re wondering. Chase … hmm, where have I heard that name before? Isn’t that Annabeth’s last name? Yes, it is. And no, that’s not simply a coincidence. Beyond that, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you guessing.

Oh. My. Gods. Tumblr literally exploded. People were ranting about how Riordan was using copy-paste-change-the-name to make more money. People were complaining that Rick wouldn’t let the Percy Jackson series go. People were theorizing based on simply a title. (Annabeth’s cousin/son/daughter/half brother/ancestor! I bet he’s trans! I bet he’s gay! I bet he’s Thor’s son! Annabeth got it on with Thor! I bet he’s actually a she and they call her Maggie!)

The series already has the delightful nickname of “Mango Cheese”.

Holy Hera people. Get your shist together.

Am I freaking? Not really. I’m more anxious for Blood of Olympus because someone’s going to die, and I don’t know who yet. And frankly, I’m really glad that Riordan puts all of his mythology stories in the same universe. It blurs that line claiming that religion divides us up, that only one is true.

But if that’s the case, why am I feeling Rick-trolled? Besides the shock of Magnus Chase, I found out this news was released on a live feed Riordan did from the Empire State Building…which I can’t access because you have to be affiliated with a library.

Then I found out Riordan sent a big box of merchandise to booktubers with clues to what is going to happen in the new book…each of which suggest death and demise of each character.

I came up with these lyrics on the bus ride home, as I pondered the rick-troll:

(Sing to “Never Gonna Give You Up”)

We’ve been waiting so long
Are you impatient? Well so am I!
A happy ending’s what I’m dreaming of
But with Rick writing, I know I’m gonna cry

I just want all of the demigods
Coming home all safe and sound

Never gonna stop wishing
But you know it’s all fishing
‘Cause Riordan’s got a surprise end-ing
Hope they’re gonna get back home
But someone’s gonna die alone
Can’t Hades put their deaths under “pending”?

Remember when we thought Luke died?
Or Thalia was just a tree
on a hill top?
We thought Percy had been through enough
Lost and an amnesiac, when’s Rick gonna stop?

Then, just when the Argo II is landing,
We’re told we have to wait another year!

The seven is on their way,
Everything seems okay,
But Riordan’s got a surprise end-ing
Annabeth found her mom
But she fell down, oh gods,
With Percy to Tartarus, descending

To the doors of death they go
Everyone’s feeling low
Suddenly Frank’s all buff and has power
Cupid’s a douchebag see:
‘Cause Nico loves Percy
And now the Me-co* fans are sour.

Never gonna stop wishing
But you know it’s all fishing
‘Cause Riordan’s got a surprise end-ing
Hope they’re gonna get back home
But someone’s gonna die alone
Can’t Hades put their deaths under “pending”?

*(Me-co is the ship name I came up with for my sister because she has a literary crush on Nico.)

Can you tell I’m anxious for this book? I haven’t been this excited since the release of Scott Westerfeld’s Goliath.

Thinking I would find comfort in my other favourite series (which are all starting up again) I took pleasure in The Big Bang Theory season premiere (which was absolutely wonderful) and the TV series Pushing Daisies.

The only way I can describe Pushing Daises is fantasy-crime-drama-romantic-comedy which sounds so confusing but is utterly true. The premise? Pie-baker Ned has the ability to bring back the dead with one touch. If he touches them again, they die permanently. If the dead stay alive longer than a minute, then someone randomly chosen in proximity has to die in their place. This makes solving murder mysteries easy since he can just ask the victim how they died. But when Ned revives his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, he can’t bring himself to touch her again.

It’s cute, it’s funny, and the crimes are engaging enough to be invested for an episode…too bad the series got cancelled after two seasons.

Then Legend of Korra came out with the trailer for Book 4:

In the mind of leannaatc: Three years later? Korra cut her hair? Bolin doing badass lava bending? Yes. Mako better get his shist together. Airbender flying-squirrel style! Aw, the airbender kids are grown up. Oh! Teenage Kainora! What is Kuvira doing? OMG TOPH! TOPH! TOPH!

And the biggest Rick-Troll of them all? All of this is happening…right before midterm season.


3 thoughts on “The Playlist | On Feeling Rick-Trolled”

  1. OMG!!!
    I heard Hankroll’d again after such a long time because of you! So thanks for that…
    And the lyrics you wrote- They’re EPIC!!!

    I want you to sing that song and post it here! I demand it.
    As a birthday gift, if you will.


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