The Playlist | Crow by PigPen Theatre Co.

Another new band? I’m on a roll.

After hearing “Bremen” for the weather on Welcome to Night Vale, I needed to hear more. This is surprising, since I’m not really into the whole folk/country music. I’m not a Mumford and Sons or Zac Brown Band fan, but something about PigPen Theatre Co. is just…good. My favourite song has to be “Crow”.

The band is, as the name suggests, a group of musicians and a theatre company, whose repertoire is full of folk tales/songs. The productions are a mix of live action, puppetry, and original music. All done with just seven guys on stage.

Everything they do is dedicated to telling the story. Every song I hear by them sounds like a grand adventure. The accordion is a surprisingly dramatic touch—almost like a violin. And I love when they harmonize their voices. It’s soothing, but seems to build tension at the same time.

They even did a TedTalk on their creative process. And the scene they perform at the end? Just watch it:

It looks so simple. It sounds so haunting. And it’s beautiful.

Featured image is the set of The Old Man snd The Old Moon production by PigPen Theatre Co. from

Did you like “Crow” by PigPen Theatre Co.? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


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