The Playlist | Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan (featuring me!)

My sister is a huge fan of Troye Sivan, an Autralian youtuber who was the lead in a movie based on one of her favourite books, Spud. 

He recently released his first album, TRXYE, the hit single being “Happy Little Pill”.

Truth be told all of the music on the album sounds more or less the same, so if you hear one song, you get the gist of all the others. Troye’s voice is sort of a soft monotone, so that really doesn’t help things, and the content is…controversial. It’s hard to tell whether he’s condoning drug use or not, since he’s never outright against it. The song sort of sounds like one massive high—kind of if the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever went techno.

Usually I hate this, but “Happy Little Pill” gets a pass because…

…it’s stuck in my head.

I dislike music that describes sex and drug-use. I dislike (most) techno auto tune. But in my cranium the song stays.

My sister and I agreed we would love an acoustic version of this song, and knowing the community of youtube, I was sure I could find what I was looking for within ten videos.


I’m not saying the covers were bad, they just weren’t what I wanted. Songs to listeners are like books to readers—no two people have the same listening of a song, just like no two people have the same reading of a book. And when I thought of “Happy Little Pill” as an acoustic, I imagined it differently than what I found.

Being without my guitar for a month really made me want to try this. I am a little sick, though, so bear with me…

…so yeah. That was me.

Did you like “Happy Little Pill” by Troye Sivan (and me)? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


6 thoughts on “The Playlist | Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan (featuring me!)”

  1. Wow! You sing really well /and/ you can play the guitar too!
    Awesome! Loved this- you should do more of them videos 😀

    Just one thing, be a little louder overall maybe? I couldn’t hear you properly at first 😦


    1. Yeah.. but it is really awesome. 😀
      So proud of you… I can actually show that video to people now- and say, Hey you see that amazing girl?? That’s my penpal! From Canada! She is multitalented! B)


    2. Um, sure. 😛 I’ve mentioned you to my friends too, actually. And I didn’t mention this before, but I bet you sound very nice as well 🙂


    3. Many of my friends know about you. But now they’ll get to see you.. Hahaha..
      And singing wise? Not really.
      Just talking wise- I hope I do sound okay. XP


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