PJO Review | The Mark of Athena

Annabeth gets a point of view…FINALLY!

mark of athena


The seven of the prophecy have finally gathered, and the quest has officially begun. But after a misunderstanding in New Rome, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and Hazel become fugitives.

They must race to the ancient lands, the Mare Nostrum, in order to prevent Gaea from waking, but the Prophecy of Seven is not their only concern.

Ella reveals a prophecy about the Mark of Athena, which is in Rome and will lead to a magical object key to defeating the giants. The seven are also on the search for Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, who was captured by Gaea.

But the Mare Nostrum is treacherous land for demigods. Can they do it all and stay alive?


The Mark of Athena lives up to its name. If Athena were to sponsor a quest, it would be this one, as the cleverness and cunning of the seven come out and shine.

Each obstacle our heroes face is designed such that brains rather than brawn are necessary to win the day. The solutions are both clever and entertaining to read.

Part of this is because of the great character develpment in Annabeth, Piper, Leo, and Percy. Annabeth’s POV is a welcome addition, and following her thought process is great. Piper really emulates brains over brawn since her power lies in the harnessing of emotions rather than blades, and her strengthening this is great. Leo, my favourite engineer, amazes me with his goofiness and intelligence. And Percy battles with the demands of being a hero and leader.

On the sort of sad side, you have Jason, Frank, and Hazel. They have minimal development, rather going through events than experiencing them. To be fair, they each have a small moment or two, but for the most part they are static, which is frustrating since they are protags too.

This is probably because Riordan only uses the POV of the former group of demigods and not the latter. I kind of expected all seven in this book, so that is kind of disappointing.

The character development of Hazel and Frank suffers the most since the two POVs that care about them, Leo and Percy, either are stuck in an awkward love triangle or worried about their girlfriend.

But this is really the only flaw since the story is still really good. I like the side quests and the final battle, and…oh right.

The famous Riordan cliffhanger strikes again, quite literally, perfectly setting up the next novel and adding to the overarching story, which is essential to any book in a series.

I loved rereading Mark of Athena. And I’ll probably reread it many more times.

Recommendation: Buy. Own Mark of Athena if you love this series. Because it’s the first book with Annabeth’s POV. Because it’s well written. Because GAH THE PROPHECY IS HAPPENING AND STUFF IS GETTING REAL.


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