The Playlist | Afire Love by Ed Sheeran

Two Ed Sheeran songs so close together on the playlist? Why not?

Afire Love:

“Afire Love” covers the second half of Ed Sheeran’s X. One half of his album covers the attitude-y jazzy sound that I mentioned before. The other half is the more emotional, somber, ballads that got me to become a fan in the forst place.

“Afire Love” is especially striking to me because the lyrics tell a story that I can relate to since I’ve lived it recently.

The story is told in two parts, the verses describe the descent of the speaker’s grandfather in the hospital, and the chorus is the comfort he finds in a loved one.

And while I don’t have a significant other, I gave that comfort for weeks, and I recieved that love from friends and family when I finally broke down.

It seems almost masochistic, listening to a song retelling me exactly what happened in the past few months. But the chorus and ending shine through in this song.

It’s like it’s trying to prove love heals all wounds. And that’s not such a bad cause to advocate for.

Did you like “Afire Love” by Ed Sheeran? Have music you think should be on The Playlist? Leave a comment below!


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